Top 5 honeymoon destinations: Beaches and Adventures

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful activities: choose the right dress, the proper place to celebrate the party, the correct flowers, find a beautiful church… an endless list of things you must be set few days before the “big day”; but after your perfect wedding comes the honeymoon… Honeymoons come in all sizes and shapes, doesn’t have to be the typical beach vacation, can also be a new adventure, a safari or a visit to vineyards, everything is based on couples personality, not to traditions.

When you think about Honeymoon destinations you picture those stunning white sand beaches in the Caribbean at an all inclusive hotel, enjoying mojitos, sun and beach… but sometimes newlyweds want to explore other places, begin their marriage with incredible adventures, visit unique places and discover the world together…

What better way to start your marriage than with a unique adventure?

If you haven’t yet decided whether to plan a “Typical honeymoon” or enjoy a “Fantastic adventure”, take a look to this Top 5 Honeymoon destinations to help you to decide where to spend not only the beginning of a new chapter in your life but the beginning of a new book together…

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Top 5 Honeymoon destinations

Acapulco, Mexico

Top 5 honeymoon destinations Acapulco

Acapulco is a typical and popular honeymoon destination, once the destination where Jackie and John F Kennedy spend their honeymoon; Acapulco is a place that never fails… mild climate, warm water perfect for swimming.

Mexico is a country with beautiful places to visit but Acapulco attracts many tourists because has something special, maybe because of its beautiful beaches and fantastic attractions or because is perfect to spend an unforgettable honeymoon even on a very tight budget.

Kruger Park, South Africa.

Honeymoon destinations in South Africa

Do you consider yourself an adventurous person? Yes, then…What better way to start your marriage than visiting a stunning place like South Africa? Kruger Park affords luxury hotels and beautiful sights to newlyweds in order to spend a fantastic experience surrounded by typical African wildlife.

South Africa has become one of the most demanded honeymoon destinations in the past years.

Kruger Park is the most exciting safari destination in Africa; in the park you can have an approach to the Big Five: Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant, Lion and Leopard, also discover the impressive wildlife and stunning scenarios of the savannah.

Imagine being at the cradle of humankind, surrounded by vegetation, waking up with the roar of a lion, have meals “al fresco” near animals, without any doubt is a unique experience you have to share with your significant other.

Havana and Varadero, Cuba

Top 5 honeymoon destinations Cuba

Honeymoon in Cuba? Why not? Cuba is a beautiful Caribbean country, interesting and diverse.

Cuba is a country that affords stunning colonial cities, gorgeous and romantic atmosphere, both characteristics that will make you to spend an unforgettable honeymoon.

Firstly you must spend time in Havana, the capital of the country with an eclectic architecture, museums and many sights to enjoy with your partner.  Don’t miss the opportunity to book a “city tour” in one of those famous vintage cars, is a funny experience you won’t forget.

After the magical experience in the capital of Cuba you can continue with your honeymoon at one of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean… Varadero.

Pristine white sand beaches, with turquoise waters, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation provide the most romantic atmosphere to make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience.

Napa Valley, California

Top 5 Honeymoon destinations Napa Valley

You and your spouse deserve a honeymoon you will never forget, you have to prepare an experience unique and Napa Valley provides the scenery and the activities to fulfill all your requests.

Enjoy your honeymoon in the West Coast of the States, surrounded by beautiful vineyards, enjoying good food and tasting the most delicious wines of America; unleashes your love and become Paul Sutton and Victoria Aragon in the vineyards of Napa Valley.

Can you think of something more romantic than a hot balloon ride over the vineyards of Napa Valley? This is without any doubt an experience you have to share with your spouse. Without any doubt a honeymoon in Napa Valley offers a kind of memories you will never forget, memories to tell your grandchildren about.

Phuket, Thailand

Top 5 honeymoon destination Phuket

Phuket in Thailand is a great choice for a honeymoon, in fact is one of the most demanded location, reason why should be included in our top 5 Honeymoon Destinations list.

Phuket has become a very popular honeymoon destination because of its main characteristics: Intimate places, Romantic sunset, stunning beaches and fantastic restaurants; these characteristics will assure you memorable moments.

Phuket offers one of the most incredible landscapes in the world “Phang Nga Bay”, the best way to explore this beautiful area it’s on board of a silent kayak, gliding among the beautiful and giant cliffs.

The area is fantastic, the size and the amounts of limestone formation rising up from the sea is an amazing spectacle. Without any doubt Phuket is a fantastic honeymoon destination, perfect for those who want a blend of stunning beaches and unique adventures.

Are you planning your honeymoon? What do you think about our top 5 honeymoon destinations? Tell us what you think!