Jerusalem, a city full of contrast


Click & Share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailVisit Jerusalem, ancient and modern, oriental and western, heavenly and earthly Few places in the world inspire quite as much passion as if you visit Jerusalem (Yerushalayim in Hebrew, Al-Quds in Arabic), revered as it is by three major religions. For Jews, the city has always been synonymous with their faith and ethnic identity and symbolises the rebirth

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Taste Thailand: Thai Fruits & Thai Food

Click & Share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailTravel to Thailand, the land of Fruits! Thailand is a home of a large variety of delicious fruits, both seasonal and all-year-around. To make your travel to Thailand you have to taste the delicacy and fascination of Thai Food. Durian (Too-rian) The most charismatic and known to Asian people as the king of fruits, the yellow segmented flesh

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Karni Mata: where rats are venerated

Click & Share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailOnce you enter here the show will be for strong hearts. Welcome to Karni Mata about thirty kilometers from Bikaner, in the northern part of the Rajasthan desert near the borders with Pakistan, where stands the temple of mice of Deshnok: a unique place in the world where rats are venerated. Thousands and thousands of mice fed by

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Ko Tao: scuba diving paradise

Click & Share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailKo Tao, the “turtle island” in Thai language, is the less know of the islands of the south of Gulf of Thailand. It’s located in a sort of archipelago together with most famous Ko Samui, the biggest island, and Ko Phangan, the island of full moon party. Ko Tao is one of the best islands in the Gulf of Thailand for scuba divers and snorkelers

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