Discover 5 attractions in Edinburgh during an autumn getaway

My oh my Edinburgh… What a beautiful city… Where do we start? Was difficult to choose only 5 attractions in Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Edinburgh has the aesthetic of a fairy tale town: narrow, cobbled streets that hide million of interesting stories… If you are planning a fantastic getaway with your significant other or with your family, Edinburgh provides you the perfect setting for a lovely getaway in autumn.

Edinburgh constitutes a crucial destination on the islands, thanks to its full offer for attractions and festivals. But it is in autumn when the city is perfect for visiting, with no crowds and lower prices, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the beautiful capital of Scotland. Once you landed, you will realize that there are more reasons to visit Edinburgh in autumn, grab a pen and a piece of paper and take notes.

Discover 5 attractions in Edinburgh

Old Town, the Castle of Edinburgh.


The old town of the city must be your first stop. With its captivating wonders like the Castle located at the top of the Royal Mile and the Scottish Parliament at the bottom, the whole area constitutes World Heritage Sites. Let’s begin with the Royal Castle.

The Castle of Edinburgh has stood in that spot since the 12th century and served as the residence of the Royal Family of Scotland until 1603 when the union of the crowns. Its strategic location, on top of a volcano, made it one of the best fortresses during Scottish war history.

St Giles’ Cathedral


St Giles’ Cathedral was founded in the 1120s, in the very heart of Edinburgh. Was the church of John Knox and commonly referred as the “Cradle of Presbyterianism.” Probably the most beautiful part of the church is its beautiful stained glass window and the vital organ, manufactured by Rieger.

Allow yourself a moment to admire the façade of the Cathedral, please note the crown steeple, which dates from the late 15th century.  St Giles’ Cathedral is undoubtedly, one of the most famous attractions in Edinburgh.

“New Town”


When the Old Town of Edinburgh became too crowded, the city expanded to the north. This area has wide avenues and beautiful buildings in a Georgian style, with that elegant atmosphere that characterizes Scotland. The New Town is home to many monuments of which stands the National Gallery of Scotland.

New Town is home to some of the finest monuments of New Classical revival in Europe, reflecting its high status as the Scottish capital since 1437 as well as a major hub with cultural and political links with Europe. The new town offers a large range of possibilities for accommodation in Edinburgh, thanks to its convenient location close to important attractions.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh


This beautiful Garden is not only a beautiful attraction in Edinburgh it’s also an important scientific center for the study of plants. The RBGE was founded in 1670 to grow medicinal plants; the collection includes more than 13,000 species, while the herbarium contains more than 3 million of preserved specimens.

The Botanic Garden of Edinburgh constitutes a fantastic attraction for the family as well as a fantastic place to have breathtaking views of the capital’s skyline.

The Royal Yacht Britannia



The Royal Yacht Britannia is the best visitor spot of the country and one of the top attractions in Edinburgh. Before the planes, the Royal Family used yachts as a means of transportation to places around the world.

This historical, and famous, the ship provides a fantastic attraction for everyone. You can learn about the history of Royals as well as view displays of photos of Britannia’s fantastic past. Once on board the ship, you will visit the Royal Apartments, Crew’s quarter and the Engine room as well as the Royal Sailing Exhibition.

Tell us what you think about our selection of 5 attractions in Edinburgh during an autumn getaway. Have you ever been to Scotland? Would you like to add another attraction to our selection? Comment!