Bermuda Beaches, don’t worry we will not talk about disappearances

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Bermuda Beaches, much more than the Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda is famous all over the world for its legendary Bermuda Triangle, but do not worry because today we are not going to talk about disasters. Bermuda is a volcanic nature island full of history, colourful culture and with an exuberant nature. Considered as one of the best tourist destinations in the Caribbean, in Bermuda, we will find awesome sand beaches, rainforest and a unique fauna, that we will just discover here. Bermuda is going far beyond the usual, but don’t be afraid, we are not going to disappear in the triangle!

Bermuda is an isolated island located at the North Atlantic Ocean, 650 miles off the coast of North Carolina, and it’s the northernmost point of the so-called Bermuda Triangle. The island consists of a chain of some 180 coral islands; its coastlines are characterized by small bays with beaches of fine pink coral sand with incredible blue and clear water. Despite a large number of islands, Bermuda is a large island separated into several pieces for small portions of the sea. In fact, the best and easy way to explore the islands is with and a scooter or motorcycle, the distances are not huge enough to use a car. Bermuda is a different destination, distinct for its unique geography and its cultural attraction. The island still retains some of that island charm, making the island a paradise to discover.

map of bermudabermuda-triangle

As a Caribbean destination, Bermuda has the perfect weather with a temperate climate all year, where the minimum temperature does not drop below 15 degrees and up 30. We only have to take care about hurricanes, because Bermuda is within the hurricane belt, although they usually begin to weaken as they approach the island. Actually the last big hurricane was in 2003.

Despite hurricanes, Bermuda is like a paradise, and if do you like water sports you will have so much fun here in Bermuda. We recommend all water activities, but the most popular are snorkelling and scuba-diving. Experienced scuba-divers will enjoy the seabed of Bermuda, which has numerous shipwrecks, cannons and remnants of past disasters on the reefs. Other water activities are sailing, boat tours, windsurfing, water skiing or fishing.

Bermuda is a beach destination, so if you are looking for beautiful beaches with pink sand, you are right, that’s the place! The best Bermuda beaches lie along the island’s southern edge. But the most difficult question is to know which one you choose from the 34 awesome beaches that you will find in Bermuda. We have done a top 5 Bermuda beaches.

Tobacco Bay Beach Bermuda

Beautiful beach, the perfect place for snorkelling and with incredible views of the colourful marine life along with corals.


Warwick Long Bay Beach Bermuda

This popular beach is also an excellent location for snorkelling; the water is clear and the marine life come in close to shore.


Church Bay Beach Bermuda

The relatively calm waters, sheltered by offshore reefs, harbour a variety of marine life. Church Bay is known to be the best place in the island for diving.


Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda

This beach has been ranked within the best beaches in the world. The beach is simply beautiful, with pink and powdery sand.


Elbow Beach Bermuda

Considered the safest beach on the island for swimming. The beach has a gentle curve resembling an elbow.


Marine life is another major attraction of the island, and it is easy to see dolphins, turtles, tuna,… Contemplate is one of the great privileges of Bermuda because the water is extremely clear.

Bermuda is a renowned tourism destination for luxury. Great hotels and resorts are located along the coast. Here you will find the best hotels in Bermuda.