Best 6 Adventure Trips

When you can say that a trip turns into an adventure trip? I believe the answer is not so obvious but it depends on the individual. What for me, for example, is an adventurous experience, could not be assessed and lived the same way by another person. Each of us has in fact a different way of perceiving the strong emotions, although the symptoms that you experience may together with a bit everyone: it increases the sense of presence in the world, the colors become more vivid and time dilates. Of course, the occurrence of these symptoms is commensurate with the degree of emotion that you feel. All of us, however, we are attracted to these feelings. And, in different ways, we search for it.

In this post I will tell you when I felt “the symptoms of adventure” with a personal adventure trip top six based on the level of adrenaline achieved:

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Top 1 Adventure Trips:  Dive with sharks in Belize

Dive with sharks adventure trips

Dive with sharks

This was definitely the most exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience ever experienced and I think everyone should experience this kind of adventure trip once in his life. To jump from a boat in the open sea while dozens of sharks roam around the ship, is not exactly an easy decision to take… at least not for me. Your legs turns flabby and begin to shake, but the curiosity of most of us to observe these animals up close and be able to swim among them prevail. This is a very exciting experience, not suitable for weak hearts.

Top 2 Adventure Trips: sandboarding in Brasil



You can do it in different places, but I personally experienced it in Brasil, in the desert surrounding Jericoacoara, near Fortaleza. During a guided tour of the surrounding areas, we found ourselves on top of a sand dune right next to a freshwater lake. Our guide invited us to try the experience to jump from the top on board of a wooden board and then finish this mad rush in the warm waters of the lake. Once tried, you would repeat it immediately!

Top 3 Adventure Trips:  climb the active volcano Pacaya in Guatemala


climb an active volcano

Walking for hours immersed in a lunar landscape carved by lava, knowing that the volcano has erupted as recently as two months ago, is another one of those travel experiences that can be defined adventure. The Pacaya volcano is located near Antigua and is one of several active volcanoes in Guatemala.

Top 4 Adventure Trips:  swimming with dolphins in Egypt

swimm with dolphins

swimming with dolphins

Many people experienced swimming with dolphins in the aquarium, but I think getting into the sea at 6 am and a few meters from the shore count dozens of dolphins swimming all around you is a totally different experience. The first moments you can be afraid because you just see these big cetaceans appear and disappear in front of you and they are really big! But once you and they get used to each one presence it turns into a real adventure trip experience. Swimming with dolphin can be experiences in many places all around the world, such as Marsa Alam in Egypt.

Top 5 Adventure Trips:  trekking on an elephant in Thailand

Elephant back ride adventure trip

Elephant back ride

As soon as you step onto the back of the elephant, what impresses is the height at which you are located. Also you have a big sense of instability, due also to the slow and dangling pace. Once of the best places all around the world to experience an elephant back ride is Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. An important thing to know before that is to check the company which organize the elephant back ride tour to be sure it’s a center that does not ill-treat the elephants. You should do this check if you want to experience this.

Top 6 Adventure Trips:  observe the turtles laying their eggs in Cape Verde


Turtle in Cape Verde

In this case you cannot associate the concept of adventure to the adrenaline generated by sense of fear, but be sure that spend a whole night immersed in total darkness of the beach of Boa Vista, hidden behind bushes waiting for a turtle to jump out of the water and go to lay their eggs on the beach, can be surely defined an adventure.

Have you ever experienced some kind of adventure trip?

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