Bogota, a vibrant city with an impressive cultural scene

In Bogota, you can experiences whatever you dare to imagine

Bogota night

The city of Bogota is located in an extensive plain in the Cordillera of the Andes, 2600m above sea level. Bogota is a city in constant transformation; the urban renewal is visible in all aspects of the city, with a new model of transportation system, new buildings, more hotels in Bogota, shopping centres and improved parks. So, it’s not surprising that Bogota has been awarded by many awards for its urban renewal and has been mentioned as one of the best tourist destinations in the last years.


Bogota is a very diverse city and the most important cultural centre of Colombia. The city has hundreds of places to visit and activities to be performed. If you visit Bogota or Colombia don’t worry because you will not have time to get bored. Bogota is a city for everyone; there are activities for every taste, from cultural tourism to gastronomic tourism, from shopping to rumba classes,… in Bogota, you can experiences whatever you dare to imagine.


The city is full of thing to do during the day and night. If you are coming with the whole family there are places like Maloka, an interactive science center or Mundo Aventura, an amusement park where we are pretty sure that the youngest of the family will enjoy a lot. Shopaholics are lucky too to be in Bogota, shopping is one of the best activities; the city has different shopping malls where you will find the top international brands, but that’s not all, if you are looking for something a little bit exclusive you can go to Zona Rosa of Bogota, there is a street called “La vida del Sol” with lots of boutiques of haute couture. If you are looking for competitive prices a good option for shopping is one of the several markets spread all around the city.

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If we want to have fun, it’s known that there is no better place in South America than Bogota to party. It doesn’t mind which style do you like, because it’s sure you will find it here, throughout the city, there are more than fourteen party concepts among clubs and bars, just be ready to spend an unforgettable night. But if you want to know more about Colombians and their way of living life, please don’t miss out on the opportunity of dancing rumba in Bogota. Another way to know more about Colombians is to explore and enjoy his gastronomy; Bogota has become one of the gastronomic capitals of Latin America, offering typical and international food. If you want to taste typical dishes don’t miss ajiaco, el cocido or almojabanas.

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But that’s not all, Bogota is an incredible city and it’s difficult to describe in a few words. The city enjoys a permanent cultural agenda, with more than sixty museums and art galleries; Bogota held the best Rock Festival of South America and there are a lot of concerts and events during the year. But if do you like more outdoor activities, don’t worry because thanks to its geography and vegetation Bogota has the greater privileges to enjoy wildlife and nature tourism.