On the top of the world

Burj Khalifa: the tallest Building in the world


If you want to feel a breathtaking sensation, you have to jump up to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. With a height of 829,8 mts, same as 2722 feet, Burj Khalifa is by far the most striking building in the entire world. This astonishing building, located in Dubai Downtown, in the United Arab Emirates, has 163 floors that include private flats, an observation deck, nightclubs, shops, restaurants and a hotel from the Armani brand. Burj Khalifa is expected to host up to 35,000 people at a time, similar to a medium size stadium. Burj Khalifa is the centrepiece of a Dubai neighbourhood that includes homes, hotels, parks, towers, the Dubai Mall (one of the biggest shopping malls in the world), and an artificial lake. Its design is derived from patterning systems embodied in Islamic architecture and inspired by the flower Hymenocallis. The plan is Y-shaped, a design that allows maximum outward

views and inward natural light.


Burj Khalifa is furthermore surrounded by a park which design is also on the symmetries of the desert flower, Hymenocallis. At the center of the park and the base of Burj Khalifa is located the artificial lake that counts with pools and water jet fountains that every day performs a show with music and water jets.


From Burj Khalifa observation deck, named “At the Top” and located at floor 124, at a height of 452 mts (1483 feet) you can see as far as 40 kms away during clear sky days, from the Persian Gulf Sea to the desert sand dunes. All other skyscrapers of Dubai, seen from the observation deck, looks like doll’s houses because of the incredible difference in height between Burj Khalifa and all other buildings.


At the Top, you can also take a look from Behold Telescope, an augmented reality device, which allows you to view the surrounding landscape in real-time, and to view also the same location at different times of the day or under different weather conditions thanks to previous images recorded. Visitors are able to purchase tickets in advance for a specific date and time and can have up to a 75% discount on tickets purchased on the ticket office at the moment of entering.

Burj Khalifa building has returned the location of world tallest building to the Middle East, after the Great Pyramid of Giza that hold this record until 1311 when it was beaten by Lincoln Cathedral in England. With no doubt an unmissable visit if you are going to travel to Dubai.

for more information regarding Burj Khalifa visit www.burjkhalifa.ae