Villages you cannot miss on Camino de Santiago

Many people decide to do the Camino de Santiago for spiritual convictions, some others decide to do it inspired by the cultural interest of Spain, for others is a personal challenge and a proof of strength and others are looking for an incredible adventure to remember for the rest of their lives … If for any reason you have decided to start the Camino de Santiago, we assure you that the experience is going to change your life.

Have you ever heard the expression “All paths lead to Rome”? Well, in this case, all paths lead to Santiago de Compostela… There are many itineraries to take, but the most famous are the Portuguese way and the French way.

Both paths offer impressive sights and stunning villages you cannot miss on Camino de Santiago. What are you waiting for? Pack up! And enjoy this marvellous experience.

Have you ever planned to do Camino de Santiago? If you have always wanted to do it but you have no idea how to plan check out these itinerary and start your journey today.

Camino de Santiago: French Way


French Way

As we said before, there are many itineraries that lead to Santiago, but for some reason, the French Way is one of the most popular.  St. Jean Pied is the official starting point of the French way but the most popular starting point is the beautiful village of Sarria.


Sarria is the stunning starting point for a lifetime experience. Sarria has a medieval legacy and due to Camino de Santiago is full of ecclesiastical buildings such as the church of Santa Mariña and the cloister of Magdalena, both buildings worth the visit.

Before leaving this village don’t forget to try the Galician stew and the octopus.




Portomarin is one of the most beloved villages for pilgrims not only because of the fabulous historic buildings but also because of the beauty that surrounds the old village of Portomarin.

Among the many building, there is one that highlights, the Church of San Pedro, which is a Romanesque building that dates back from the 10th century! Without any doubts is one of the most fantastic sights of this city.




This town is the home to the most traditional cheese of Galicia. The Arzua-Ulloa is a traditional cheese of Galicia and in Arzua the cheese is still made by hand! This smooth, thin, yellow cheese will help you to reload your batteries for the last steps of the way.

Camino de Santiago: Portuguese Way


Portuguese way is not as famous as the French way, but doesn’t mean is not as beautiful… hamlets, forests, historical sites, to name few of the main attractions you can find in the Portuguese Way.




Tui is the starting point of your journey; Tui is full of beautiful places to visit prior to beginning the way, such as the Church of San Bartolome.

Why not start your training by strolling the medieval streets of Tui? Admire the rich architectural heritage of this lovely village that has been declared a historical site. Without any doubt, Tui is one of the most beautiful villages you cannot miss on Camino de Santiago.




Pontevedra is a beautiful city with a long maritime tradition. The city is stunning, with one of the most beautiful historic quarters in Spain. While you are in Pontevedra you cannot miss the Sanctuary of the Pilgrim, which dates back the 18th century and the convent of San Francisco, built in the 15th century. Both are stunning attractions.




This village has been historically linked to Apostle St. James. The remains of Saint James were brought from the city of Jaffa, Israel, to Padron.  Many years later, the Apostle remains were taken to “Mount Libredon” (now Compostela) where was built the Cathedral of Saint James.

Padron is also famous for being the home of two emblematic writers: Camilo Jose Cela and the poet Rosalia de Castro.  Padron is one of those beautiful villages you cannot miss on Camino de Santiago.

All the roads lead to Santiago


Santiago de Compostela

The final destination on the “Camino de Santiago” is the beautiful city of Santiago de Compostela. Fantastic, stunning where each year millions of people from all over the world reach the end of a personal goal. It doesn’t exist a better way to discover Spain.

Beautiful sights, historical remain and vast beauty is what Camino de Santiago offers.

But Santiago doesn’t have to be the end of an amazing adventure, can also be the start of another journey! Finisterre and Muxia are waiting for being discovered!

What do you think about these beautiful villages you cannot miss on Camino de Santiago?