Colombian souvenirs: What to buy when visiting Colombia

When you are visiting a country, sooner or later you will need to buy a souvenir. We all want to get the best gifts whether for decorating our house or to give something nice to our friends. In Colombia getting a souvenir can be a very difficult task, not because it’s hard to find them but because it’s hard to decide.

Colombia is not one of the largest countries in the world, but probably one of the picturesque and diverse. So if you are going to explore different areas of the country, you will find different handicraft, a large array of typical sweets or beautiful postcards to decorate your house. Finding the perfect Colombian souvenirs is not easy and it will be a real challenge, but in this post, we will help you to decide. There are a couple of things you cannot miss when visiting this fantastic country.

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Colombian coffee

It’s widely known that Colombia is one of the most important coffee producers in the world. Thanks to Juan Valdez, Colombia reached the highest position when we talk about good quality coffee. So if you want to give a top souvenir you can pack some gourmet coffee and you will be the best friend ever. It’s true that this Colombian souvenir is very typical if you are exploring the Coffee Axis, however, you can find this delicious beverage mostly everywhere.

Sombrero Vueltiao (Vueltiao hat)


The sombrero vueltiao is not just for Colombian Peasants. This Colombian hat has also become a work of art admired by the foreigners, as its popularity has sharply risen. We all have a friend who wears hats, so if you are planning to explore the fabulous Colombian Caribbean this cream white hat could be the perfect souvenir. The main characteristic of this hat is the special form where you can roll it and fold it as you please. To store it you can simply roll it and form a cylinder; you will save lots of space in your luggage, isn’t it great?


Colombians love sweets, so don’t be surprised if you find a candy shop in every corner. In Colombia, you will find mouth-watering options to satisfy your sweet tooth, so if your friends love candies, Sweets are the perfect Colombian souvenirs. Most Colombian sweets are made from “arequipe” ( sweetened milk and caramel) with other ingredients like coconut, peanuts and guava. In our opinion, the blend of arequipe and coconut is the winning formula, try it.

Mochila Arhuaca (Arhuaca knapsack)

These bags became very popular since this pre-Columbian object meant fertility, beauty and development of ancestral geometric thought. Today, they have become very popular and can be found throughout the country along with many other Bogota bags.

Artesanías en mola (Mola handcraft)

These handmade pieces by Gunadule women with fabrics and thread reflect the time, culture and identity of their community. They were used by women as a symbol of wisdom. Luckily, today we find these colourful and geometric designs in clothes, shoes and bags, at our disposal. Who would not like to wear a special symbol and with all those beautiful figures and colours?

Joyería y Esmeraldas. (Jewellery and Emeralds)

Colombian souvenirs: Emeralds

According to local legends, these precious stones are the tears shed by an indigenous Muisca named Fura for the loss of her beloved Tena. Fura’s weeping watered the forests and penetrated the earth to become these beautiful green stones.

Did you know that Colombia is the exporting country of the best emeralds in the world? In fact, Emeralds are, aside from coffee, the national symbol of the country. What gives them true value is their intense colour. The emerald Muzo is one of the most recognized emeralds worldwide in the market of precious and exquisite stones, however, if you want to know more about these precious things you can not miss the Museum of the Emerald in Bogota. Certainly, to show love to someone you care lots, Emeralds are the perfect Colombian souvenirs.

Artesanías Wayuu (Handcraft Wayuu)

The Wayúu are an indigenous people that inhabit the peninsula of La Guajira, the most northeastern part of Colombia, bordering Venezuela. The craftsmanship of the Wayuu fascinates with the colourful tissues, their designs and the complexity of the techniques used in their elaboration.

The most typical representation of this culture is the geometric figures that symbolize elements of nature that surround the daily life of Wayúu. Wayúu tissues are characterized by the use of very strong and contrasting colours, we can see it in the backpacks, which are the maximum expression of the Wayuú fabric.

Colombian liquor

Colombia is a place full of celebrations and parties, such as the worldwide famous carnival. Throughout the year you can find a good party, along with one of the main ingredients of these celebrations: Colombian liquors. “The Aguardiente” is almost like the national drink of Colombia. It is taken pure or mixed in cocktails and is the most common liquor for party nights, whatever the place or occasion. On the other hand, thanks to the entrepreneurs who invest in the national rum, Colombia is a great producer. So much so, that Parcel rum is one of the most awarded rums in the world.

As you can see, is not easy to pick the best Colombian souvenirs, it’s a tough decision and you will need to think lots about it. Which one is your favourite? Did you like our post… Comment!