What to buy in Paris: The best souvernirs from the city of light

Click & Share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailVisiting the Eiffel Tower, navigating along the Seine River, admiring the artworks of the Louvre Museum… there are a large array of attractions to fall in love with Paris! For this reason, it’s a must to bring some Paris Souvenirs to remember the trip, but it’s difficult to capture all the sensations transmitted by a city in just

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Visit Paris: Top 12 things to see in Paris


Click & Share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestemailParis, for many people, is the romantic city of lovers; others love it for its vitality and many like it for its museums (which preserve some of the best masterpieces of the world). Obviously it’s hard not to be charmed by Paris, whose charm certainly does not end just in one weekend. There are many things to do

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