The most beautiful small islands of Italy

Click & Share…FacebookFacebook SaveTwitterLinkedinPinterestEmailIf the Mediterranean is considered one of the most exciting regions of the planet, even more, are the coasts and islands of Italy, which are considered the natural center of what the ancient Romans called Mare Nostrum. Italy is like a giant aircraft carrier, surrounded by beautiful islands, where a beach holiday can become a journey through

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What to see in the Lake Como

what to see como lake

Click & Share…FacebookFacebook SaveTwitterLinkedinPinterestEmailWhat to see in the Lake Como Want to visit Lake Como in northern Italy? This famous lake has always been referred as the sea of the Milanese. In recent years it has become very popular among tourists worldwide. But it is since George Clooney bought a villa on the shores of the lake, in a small

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Valentine’s Day trip 2015

valentines day trip 2015

Click & Share…FacebookFacebook SaveTwitterLinkedinPinterestEmailAre you already preparing a surprise for your beloved at February 14th? If so, you are a real romantic. From HotelNights, we are determined to help you. Undoubtedly, you will leave your partner amazed with one of the best Valentine‚Äôs Day Trip 2015. Valentine’s Day is the day of love par excellence. Each February 14, all over

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Top parties in Ibiza

Click & Share…FacebookFacebook SaveTwitterLinkedinPinterestEmailDuring years, Ibiza has been attracting millions of visitors for its popular nightlife. In summer the top producers and Djs in dance com the island and play in the various clubs, in between touring to other international destinations. Many of these Djs use Ibiza as an outlet for presenting new songs within the house, trance and techno

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