Italian Gesture Language: the complete dictionary

Click & Share…FacebookFacebook SaveTwitterLinkedinPinterestEmailItalian is a very rich a complete language, full of very specific terms to define almost everything. However, a vocabulary of more than 120.000 seems to be not enough for Italians since they use a much used parallel vocabulary: Italian gesture language can be considered as a complement to the spoken vocabulary used by all Italians to

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9 eccentric tourist attractions

Click & Share…FacebookFacebook SaveTwitterLinkedinPinterestEmailInteresting sites, fantastic places… check it out on this post! Henderson Wave Bridge, Singapur Located on the southern ridges of Singapore, it is a 300 meters long bridge that connects the gardens of Mount Faber with the gardens of Mount Telok Blangah. Known as “the snake bridge”, due to its design of seven undulating wavy curve, is

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Vatican City Secrets


Click & Share…FacebookFacebook SaveTwitterLinkedinPinterestEmailIf there is one place in the world that could be associated with secret and hide, that’s the Vatican City. Probably there are hundreds of secrets hidden into the world smallest country walls but we heard about these 7 Vatican City secrets… • Vatican City Secret Archives: The Vatican City Secrets Archives owes much of its fame to

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