Fantastic getaway in Milan

Spaniards tend to have a stereotypical view of Milan: How many times have you heard that Milan is the city of fashion and the best place for “shopping”, a grey city with no attractions? Milan is much more than all that!

Through this post you can discover 8 reasons to enjoy a fantastic getaway in Milan, one of the most important cities in Italy.

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Getaway in Milan

getaway in Milan


3 adjectives to describe Milan  

Milan rooftop

Difficult: Because Milan hides its beauty and visitors must try to go beyond appearance in order to discover its marvelous jewels, some even forgotten by the Milanese too.

Multifaceted: Milan is the home of different styles, cultures and people who confer a multicultural soul and makes Milan a diverse city.

There is a corner for everyone and everything in Milan.

Cozy: Despite the fame of the Milanese to be inhospitable, you will realize that the opposite is true. People are very willing to help tourists, especially foreigners.

3 things you can not miss in Milan


The round of Besana (old cemetery of Ospedale Maggiore, which is now used as an exhibition hall).

Duomo, don’t miss the chance of walk at the roof of the most iconic place of Milan, from which you can see the city under your feet and the snowy Alps, but only on sunny days.

Enjoy a walk in the Ripa Porta Ticinese and washerwomen alley (il Vicolo Lavandai) on the banks of the Navigli; this area is fantastic! Is full of artisans, workshops, taverns and inns.

3 hidden Jewels of Milan

false apse of Bramante

The garden of the Villa Real (which in theory is open to adults only when accompanied by children) a place of peace and tranquility in the heart of the city, right next to the Duomo.

The church of San Satiro in Via Torino and false apse of Bramante is located in one of the most chaotic streets of Milan; this gem leaves everyone speechless.

The basilicas Park is a small park in the center of Milan, is the favorite place to spend the evenings especially in spring and summer.

The 3 fantastic places in Milan


Via Colombo: villas, gardens and colorful doors, nothing to envy to Notting Hill in London. It’s nice to walk around here and look up and see the beautiful buildings and flower-filled balconies. You will also find many eclectic shops and quiet corners with tables for chess.

Brera: this neighborhood is one of the oldest and trendiest neighborhoods in Milan. Its streets, most of them only for pedestrian, are full of bars, restaurants, eccentric shops and fortune tellers. Certainly, if you are travelling on a budget you must considered to book a cheap hotels in Milan.

Via Paolo Sarpi: “Milan’s Chinatown” is a Pedestrian Street full of Chinese shops and restaurants. The area preserved very well the urban structure of the Milan of the 20s and 30s, with beautiful courtyards and interesting streets.

3 fantastic courses you must try.

Risotto Osobuco

The “yellow risotto with ossobuco” (“Risotto alla Milanesa”) is the most authentic dish of Milan’s cuisine and the dish that any grandmother has among its recipes.

This is a unique dish with saffron rice with the typical style from Milan and ossobuco.

Polenta is a dish of boiled cornmeal, typical of northern Italy that is usually eaten along with a beef stew (brasato).

The Caseoula another typical dish from the Milanese cuisine based on pork and cabbage.

Don’t miss the chance to taste all these delicious dishes while you enjoy your fantastic getaway in Milan.

3 restaurants to eat in Milan

tratoria milanesa

If you are wondering where you can try all these delicacies? We suggest you 3 fantastic restaurants to enjoy during your fantastic getaway in Milan.

Osteria dell’aquabella (Via San Rocco 11 in the area of Porta Romana), perfect for try the most typical Milanese cuisine.

Trattoria Milanese (Via Santa Marta 11) fantastic restaurant where you can try dishes of the Lombardy tradition.

Al Matarel, (Corso Garibali 75) a historic restaurant in Milan.

3 events not to be missed

fashion week

The Fair O’Bei O’Bei: Is held on 7 December. This fair is the oldest in Milan, takes place in the adjacent streets to the Castle of Milan. All the locals come to this event every year especially for enjoy a good glass of mulled wine or the hot spiced wine.

The Fuori Salone (Via Tortona – Porta Genova): Fantastic event you cannot miss if you are in Milan during April.

During the Fashion Week in Milan, the city is full of exclusive events and festivals; It is not easy to attend the events , most of them are exclusive and expensive , but if you’re close and you’re lucky , you could receive a free invitation …

3 locations to enjoy the evening in Milan

     Pubs Milan

Cantine Isola (Via Paolo Sarpi): perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine and spend a good time.

Ego e Passione (Naviglio Alzaia Pavese 2): best place to enjoy an original cocktail.

Santa Tecla Café (Via Santa Tecla): Historic disco-pub that has been entertaining the nights of Milan since the 50s.

Milan is without any doubts a beautiful city… have you ever been to Milan? Which are your favorite areas of the city? Would you like to enjoy a fantastic getaway in Milan? If you want to know more about Milan Click here

Tell us what do you think about this Italian city!