Holidays to United States of America: Top places for the summer.

Oh America… The land of opportunities… without any doubt, the Unites States of America is a whole new world of opportunities to travel!

When you consider all the things that this huge country has to offer, you will understand why most of Americans don’t hold passports. “The New world” has touristic offers to suit all tastes: from beautiful beaches bathed by 2 oceans, impressive deserts and lush forests to stunning cities.

America comes in all sizes and shapes, a country with different climates, cultures, and even different time zones! Americans know how to take advantage of all their landmarks.

Tourism in the USA is a large industry that serves billion of domestic and international visitors each year.

America’s most famous attractions are its stunning cities like New York or San Francisco, fantastic gambling paradises like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, stunning natural wonders like The Grand Canyon and Yellowstone and of course beautiful coastal cities like Miami and Los Angeles.

Are you ready to discover the beautiful destinations in USA? Take a look to the destinations we have selected for your holidays to United States of America.

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Holidays to United States of America:

Sun, sand and beaches in America:

Holidays to United States of America SoBe

USA enjoys a mild climate in general, nevertheless, can experiment a critical variation between seasons and regions. If you want to spend your holidays in the American sun we suggest you to visit California and Miami.

Miami provides those perfect beaches everyone is looking for! South beach is the top attraction during summer thanks to its beautiful beach and crystal clear water.

South Beach or SoBe is one of the most famous and glamorous beach of Miami. SoBe is the stereotype we all have in our minds when we think about Miami: Corrupt city full of evildoers and beautiful people with sculpted bodies, set in a beautiful area surrounded by the deep blue sea.

SoBe is perfect if you want to sunbathe and enjoy relaxing baths in the shallow crystal clear waters of this area.

Holidays to United States of America Santa Monica

On the west direction of Los Angeles downtown, you will find the most iconic example of beaches in California… Santa Monica.  Santa Monica is a large area (around 3, 5 miles in length) divided in 2 sections: south of the pier and north of the pier.

The southern part of Santa Monica is level with the city, with hotels bordering the beach, beautiful houses and parks. The Pacific Coast Highway and the “palisades” separate Santa Monica from the city.

The Pier of Santa Monica features an amusement park, large number of restaurants and an aquarium! Without any doubt is the most iconic image of the beach and also of the city.

But if you really love oceanic scenes you should head a little bit to south: San Diego. This border town has countless pretty beaches, such has Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Coronado Beach or La Jolla all perfect for long strolls and family activities as well as surfing.

All these are lovely places where you can also experience the finest gastronomy of California in one of the best restaurants in San Diego.

Buildings, Monuments and Impressive landmarks in America:

San Francisco

San Francisco and New York… Both cities are frequent in films, music videos and popular culture; both cities have impressive landmarks recognizable worldwide. The most typical cities to spend holidays to United States of America.

San Francisco is one of the most visited cities in the United States, nearly 20 million of visitors per year that injects billions of dollars to the economy. SFO never ceases to surprise, always have something to offer to visitors.

The top attraction of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most photographed attractions in the world.

Don’t miss the chance to visit “The Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion” located on the southeast side of the bridge, which includes an educational exhibition and a visitor’s center. We suggest you to enjoy a lovely stroll and cross the bridge and admire the stunning views of SFO.

New York is a city for all seasons, a city capable to amaze everyone. During Christmas time the festive atmosphere of the city will enchant you, on summer the city offers many activities and fun things to do, on autumn… What can be more romantic than enjoy a stroll with your significant other around Central Park? And on spring the mild climate allows you to discover the city by foot.

New York City has it all! World class museums, impressive skyscrapers, global center of entertainment, media and fashion, lively atmosphere and home of stunning monuments like “The statue of Liberty” among others.

Wildlife and natural wonders in America:

What can be better than enjoy family holidays in the house of Yogi and Boo-Boo? Yellowstone is one of the most beautiful areas of the States, perfect to teach kids about preservation of wildlife.  This beautiful park is perfect for familiar holidays to United States of America.

Yellowstone National Park is home to many wild animals like wolves, bison, trumpeter swans, moose and grizzly bears. Don’t forget that the park is not a zoo and these animals are in their habitat, you must follow the directions all the time to avoid possible attacks.

While you enjoy your holidays in “Yellowstone” don’t miss the chance to visit the largest active geyser field in the world, home to the famous geyser “Old Faithful”.

Explore and visit the pink and yellow canyon walls; these places are fabulous and inspiring, no wonder why the lower falls are also called “The Artist’s Point”.

Did you know that the Great Canyon is the most visited natural attraction in the world? This national park attracts about 5 million of visitors per year!

The great Canyon offer plenty of activities for visitors, but the most demanded is “The Rim trail”. The Rim Trail offers visitors the possibility to admire the best attractions and viewpoints of the Canyon.

Casinos, gambling and fun in America:

Viva Las Vegas! One of the most visited cities in the State and one of the most demanded place for holidays to United States of America. This city is known as Sin city thanks to its popularity as a gambling paradise, in fact the major attractions are its casinos.

Most Casinos have impressive attractions and constructions, an example of this “The Bellagio”. The Bellagio is a beautiful hotel and Casino that will transport you to Italy. The fountains of the casino offer a beautiful show with music, lights and water.

Don’t miss the chance to stroll along the famous and historic “Fremont Street”; this pedestrian mall is one of the most iconic attractions of Las Vegas Downtown. On this street is located the first hotel in Las Vegas, the first paved street, the first lift and the first casino “The Golden Nugget”.

Atlantic City is considered “Las Vegas” of the east coast, is known for its casinos and beach. The original version of the famous board game “Monopoly” was inspired by Atlantic City.  Casinos are not as impressive as in Vegas but the area is quiet good.

Don’t forget to enjoy a lovely stroll along the boardwalk. Did you know that the first boardwalk in USA was created in Atlantic City? The boardwalk of the city was opened on 1870 and since then has been home of several piers.

This summer enjoy your holidays to United States of America! Discover this vast and beautiful country that has so many attractions and things to do.

Have you ever been to America? Would you like to spend your Holidays to United States of America? Take a look to this post and discover the most emblematic areas of the States.