Beyond the Borders! Live happily in these 5 countries as an Expat

International travel is increasingly becoming easy and subsequently, popular. The idea of living as an expat sound adventurous and oh-so-amazing, but there are a lot of things to be considered before making the big move. The countries with the best quality of life in the world are the best to live in – these countries have a good work-life balance, access to quality healthcare, education, and infrastructure, as well as cost of living and career opportunities. It is also important to factor in weather conditions.

So, if you decide to make a change, leave behind your worries, start over and move to a new place altogether, here are a few places that would happily accommodate you and there’s a slight chance that your life will be better.

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Live happily in these 5 countries as an Expat

Some call Norway the happiest place on earth, so if you are thinking of making a new beginning, give it a consideration. The work hours in the country are low and there is much importance given to a balanced work life and home life equation. They have gardening leaves, shared parental leaves, early finish Fridays, the great July shutdown and free “bridging” days off when the public holidays fall on a Tuesday or Thursday. Life is simpler, much slower in this part of the world, so if you enjoy solitude, this is the place to move to.


Offering the best of everything in the Western world, Canada is very popular among expats. Canada frequently ranks number one in the United Nations annual Human Development Index, which considers factors such as job opportunities, quality of schooling, life expectancy and cost of living. The Canadian government is willing to employ foreign workers and have always considered skilled immigrants to be important to the growth of the economy. If you are in New Delhi and want to travel Canada, You can find cheap New Delhi to Toronto flights via are easily available online and also Hotel Booking can be done online via ixigo. You can choose from a wide variety of hotels and enjoy a comfortable stay.


Simplicity is the way of life in Malta. It is the perfect place for nature lovers, watersport enthusiasts and those who dream of living by the sea. The country enjoys an appealing weather all through the year, but that’s not the only reason the country gives you to move there; the taxes are low, health care costs are low and if that is not enough, the cost of living is also low.


The dreamy landscapes of Ireland are more than enough to make you feel at home. They speak English, so there would not be a communication problem. Also, the Irish are one of the friendliest people on Earth and they serve the best stout in the world, so that is definitely a good thing. Expats moving to Ireland can expect excellent healthcare services. What’s really interesting is that public schools in Ireland are free to all residents, including foreign residents.


Let’s begin with the obvious – the Italians are large-hearted people full of warmth and loveliness, there are splendid sceneries everywhere you look, the Italian cuisine is delicious, the wine is wonderful, the weather is great all throughout the year and there’s so much history and cultural heritage in this part of the world. It is, without a doubt, a dream destination for an expat. If you are an artist, a writer or even a poet, there’s nothing more inspiring than the Italian landscape.

Which place would you move to, if given the chance?