New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro

The New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro is an explosion of feelings that we will not easily forget

Reveillon Rio

If you want to spend a different and unforgettable New Year’s Eve, and you can afford it, please come to spend the New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro, it’s definitely an experience you will never forget. Brazilians and particularly Cariocas are famous for knowing how to have fun; they are party lovers, so it’s not surprising that Rio de Janeiro is considered the best city in South America to party.

Copacabana Beach

Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful city, a mixture of beautiful beaches, mountains, jungle, .. and all in the same place. It’s always a good time to visit Rio de Janeiro, but if we ask when is the best time to enjoy Rio de Janeiro, everyone would answer us during the famous Carnival of Rio and especially in New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous festivals in the world and exceeds in popularity the carnival. Also known as Reveillon, is the most expected night of the year in Rio and tourists from all over the world come to Rio de Janeiro, all with the same goal of living one of the best nights of his life.

The days prior to New Year’s Eve the city is slowly filling, in zona Sur where we will find the main beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema, is becoming more difficult to walk. We must remember that in the southern hemisphere is summer and the weather is perfect to spend all day on the beach. Everywhere in Rio could be a good place to stay the night, but Copacabana beach is the place to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro. Nearly two million people filled the beach and streets of this unique neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro.

rio copacabana

All hotels, terraces, restaurants in Atlantic Avenue in Copacabana are ready for a special and unique night; the festivities were prolonged until the wee hours. If we want to spend a quiet night far away from the crowd, the best option is to book a table at any restaurant or terrace, all have stunning views of Copacabana beach and it’s the best place to see the fireworks. Another option is to book a hotel in Rio de Janeiro located in Copacabana, they usually have different packages that include cotillion and the room. But If want to live that night like most of the Cariocas we should go to the beach, it’s cheaper than the other options but we must go soon to get a good place.

Rio de Janeiro

Concerts in Rio de Janeiro

In Copacabana Beach we will find everything we will need that night, from concerts to drink, food,… everything, we don’t need to bring anything, just have to want dance and have fun. One of the curiosities of that night is that the most of the people are dressed in white, new year is a good time for renewal and leave the past behind, so the best way is to wear white to bring peace to the new year.

At 12 o’clock is the most important time of the night, and when the time is getting closer Copacabana beach is turning into a big party. After the famous countdown, the fireworks begin along the 4 kilometres of beach, is certainly the most intense moment of the night, a unique spectacle. After that everybody in the beach starts dancing samba, electronic music or whatever. Another of the peculiarities of the New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro, only for the braves, is to swim at night, the tradition says they have to jump seven waves to break through and offer white flowers to the goddess Yemanja, the goddess of the sea, this will ensure a good new year.