A fantastic nomad adventure on four wheels

A Nomad is, according to the dictionary, a person with no residence, with no fixed home and who moves according to the season from place to place… but actually be a nomad is a way of life! A fantastic option that many people considered to discover the world in a different way, or to discover better who they are, what they want and what they need; in any case why not try this fantastic way of life! And enjoy an excellent nomad adventure on four wheels!

A Place that without any doubt will inspire you is Ireland! The emerald country… home of leprechauns!  This country is the perfect place to start a new adventure. Impressive landscapes, lush vegetation, and its splendor make Ireland just irresistible! And what better way to discover all the magic spots to find leprechauns than hit the road on a van.

Nomad adventure on four wheels

Leave all behind is easier when you are in a van; if you don’t have one you can always rent a van! Full equipped and big enough to invite your friends to your journey! On this post, you can read about the best road to self-discovering or spend the most incredible adventure ever!

Perfect route for a fantastic nomad adventure on four wheels:nomad aventure

An adventure through Ireland on four wheels is considered a classic! In fact, there is a popular way considered “One of the world’s great road journeys”:  the Causeway Coastal Route; a four-day route that will take you through legendary locations, used by HBO for its TV series Game of Thrones.

The route is a fantastic way to start your Nomad adventure on four wheels; Causeway Coastal Route starts on Belfast and ends at Derry.

First day:  Belfast – Carrickfergus – The Gobbins – Ballygally – Carnlough.


The nomad adventure begins in Belfast. Belfast is a fantastic city very famous for being the home of the Titanic Belfast, the largest Titanic attraction in the world.

After visiting Belfast, you have to go straight to the north and take the M2 motorway to join the route.

The next stop will be at Carrickfergus. In Carrickfergus, you have to visit the castle! The castle of Carrickfergus has been present in the history of Ireland for over 800 years!

Next stop is the reconstructed cliff walk at The Gobbins. This is a spectacular walk along bridges suspended meters above the sea; the views are spectacular! Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this fantastic wonder and admire the natural beauty of Ireland.

The Gobbins

But The Gobbins are just a taste of what is coming next! When you reach Larne, you will be amazed of the landmark, and you will understand why Ireland is considered a wonderful natural destination. You will be surrounded by forests, bogland, and waterfalls.

After visiting a splendid sample of natural beauty, now let’s continue the route to the north until reach Ballygally. Don’t miss the chance to visit the old castle, The Ballygally Castle Hotel, and check it out if the legend of the ghost is true!

The next stop will be at the heart of Glen; a visit to the oldest state of Ireland is imperative! Glenarm, home of a beautiful castle, the castle seems to be taken out of a fairy tale; the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea at the tearooms of the castle.

The last stop of the day is going to be at Carnlough; the place where you will have the chance to drink a beer at any pub in the village and relax!

Second day: Glenariff – Cuchendum – Loughareema – Dark Hedges.


The journey begins at Glenariff Forest Park; at the park, you can choose among many trails, all the trails will lead you through impressive landscapes, where you will see waterfalls and rivers!

Back on the road, if you are a fan of the HBO TV series Game of Thrones you have to stop at Cushendun Caves; Cushendum is a beautiful village with beautiful cottages. If you are a fan of the tv show, you will quickly recognize the scenario.

This is a nomad adventure, which means that you can detour from the main route, allow yourself a visit to other locations of the TV series such as Murlough Bay and Torr Head. At Torr Head, you will have stunning views!

Back to the route you have to visit another exciting area of Ireland, the mysterious zone of Vanishing Lake (Loughareema)… back to the road, other highlight spot of the area is Ballypatrick Forest Park, the perfect place where you can enjoy a lovely stroll and admire the spectacular views of the Sea of Moyle.

The nomad adventure of this day finishes at the Dark Hedges, one of the most iconic sites of Ireland and scenario of the acclaimed HBO TV series Game of Thrones…

Third day: Portaneevey- Larrybane- Giant’s Causway- Portrush.


The nomad adventure continues at Portaneevey, fantastic location with a little harbor that offers magnificent and spectacular views. After visiting this village, you can continue to Larrybane; Larrybane is the starting point of a bridge that connects the mainland with Carrick-a-Rede Island.

Now you have to take the west route to arrive at Giant’s Causeway. At this stage, you will see an extraordinary landscape. Giant’s Causeway is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO and consists of more than 35,000 hexagonal columns that form a path to the ocean.

To continue your nomad adventure on four wheels, you have to drive until you arrive at Dunluce Castle. The castle is set at the edge of a cliff, and from this castle, you will see one of the most fantastic sunsets you have ever seen!

 The end of this adventure is coming… for the end of this day, you can stay at Portrush, a very popular location for surfers and very famous for its golden sand beaches!

Fourth day: Portstewart – Binevenagh – Limavady – Derry.


The last day of this fantastic nomad adventure on four wheels! The journey begins with a short ride to Portstewart. Portstewart is the perfect place to enjoy strolls on the beach and admire the sea. After this lovely stop, go back to the road and drive until you arrive at the oldest human settlement in the country: Mountsandel fort. This Mesolithic site has more than 9,000 years!

Continue your journey until you arrive at Mussenden Temple; this ancient Roman relic is located at the top of a cliff, perfect for admiring all the splendor of Ireland! After this great stop let’s continue until Binevenagh Mountain.

At this point you can decide if you want to explore Downhill or go straight to Limavady; just remember that Downhill is an extra stop, the original route goes to Limavady. In Limavady, you can visit the Roe Valley Country Park, other fantastic location full of rivers and ponds.

And like all the good things in life… this beautiful nomad adventure on four wheels is coming to an end… the final destination is the city of Derry. Derry is an impressive location and a magnificent wonder of the 17th century; Derry is one of the very few walled cities in Europe. This town exhales culture in every corner, has impressive streets and buildings… Certainly, Derry is the perfect end to a fantastic nomad adventure on four wheels!