Romantic Break: 5 Amazing Destinations for a Perfect Romantic Break.

Every time you think of romantic destinations, the most common areas that come to your mind are cities like Paris, Florence, Lisbon or the idyllic beaches of Seychelles. But if you are planning a different romantic break with your significant other, How about choose outstanding options and surprise your partner? Forget about Paris and Venice and discover 5 fabulous destinations for a perfect romantic break. Check them out.

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5 Amazing Destinations for a Perfect Romantic Break.

The Whitsundays Islands, Australia.

The Whitsundays are made up of 74 paradisiacal islands. The best way to discover the islands is by renting a private boat. Don’t miss the chance to snorkel in its crystal clear waters. For the end of the day, what can be more romantic than admiring the sunset hand in hand with your partner in a paradisiacal location? A trip to these islands will ensure you an unforgettable Romantic Break.

Botswana, Africa

Botswana, Africa
Why don’t you surprise your partner with a fabulous safari? Breathtaking wilderness, watching wild animals running free in their natural habitat and the option to stay at a luxurious resort far away from everything. Let’s face it, this plan is hard to beat. If you don’t like the artificial atmosphere of the luxurious resorts, you also have the option to stay in a tent and sleep under the starry sky of Africa.

The Antarctic

Did you know that male penguin searches the entire beach for the perfect pebble? Once he finds it, he spots the right female penguin and proposes. Isn’t it cute? We all could learn a lot from the penguins.

That’s why we recommend you to enjoy a fabulous expedition to the islands of the Antartic and witness one of the most romantical rituals. One of the best option to explore the Antarctica Peninsula and its islands is from Argentina, embarking from the port of Ushuaia.


Jordan is undoubtedly a land of contrasts, famous for its rugged terrain and the massive sculpted cave known as Petra. But Jordan also features fabulous natural wonders and fascinating spas perfect for a fabulous romantic break. If you and your partner like adventures, you will both enjoy this dazzling location.

During the day you both can enjoy a hot air balloon ride and float over the red and vast desert of Jordan. At night, stay at any of the numerous desert camps. Glance the stars while enjoying the silence with the best company: your significant other.


Bolivia has become a top destination for couples, thanks to its beautiful and unspoiled landscapes. Despite being one of the safest countries in Latin America, is one of the least visited countries. In Bolivia, you can find snowcapped peaks on one side and a lush forest on the other.

These Geographical extremes fascinate all the adventurous travelers that dare to explore the country. A Romantic Break in Bolivia can include a romantic picnic in Lake Titicaca or a visit to the largest salt flat in the world in Uyuni. Bolivia is a hidden gem of South America, with a unique cultural diversity that fascinates all its visitors.

This is our selection for an amazingly romantic break. If you really want to surprise your significant other, select one of these locations.