Sex in the sky: Airlines that allow sex in the heights.

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying a passionate encounter with your significant other on a flight?  The fantasy of performing sex in the sky doesn’t mean you have a one-track mind, sometimes this fantasy can be enjoyed with someone you love.

Share this experience with your partner and we are sure that it’s going to be something you both won’t forget.

In other cases, if your libido is out of control, you can fulfil this fantasy with someone who produces you an orgasmic rush of lust… For whatever reason you have decided to join the “Mile High Club” we are sure that is going to be an experience you will never forget.

Many aspire to be a member of colloquially known as “Mile High Club”, the imaginary award given to those travellers who have had sexual intercourse aboard an airliner. Therefore, no wonder that some US companies are seeking to exploit this particular market. If you would like to learn more about these airlines we suggest you keep reading this post…

Sex in the sky: Airlines that allow sex in the heights


Airlines that allow sex in the heights

Who says that “the sky is the limit”? That line can’t be more wrong… Americans have made come true the fantasy of many couples: having sex in an aeroplane. There are two airlines that allow this activity:

Love Cloud” is a company that offers flights with a famous motto “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. According to its founder, all customers express their happiness and recognize to have had “The time of their lives”.

Other clients express that the flight was an unforgettable experience that they would like to repeat! But what all clients admit is that is something that can be cross off their list of “Things to do before die“.

Sex in the sky

The other company is “Flamingo Air” that offers private flights that to allow customer enjoy a more intimacy. Flaming Air operates everywhere in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This airline was born from a conversation between two friends more than 20 years ago. Flamingo Airline offers 1-hour flights for $495, with curtains that separate you from the pilot.

According to the owner of Flamingo Air the success of these airlines is the promotion of these type of flights: focuses on romance, not in Sex.

The owner also admits that this market “it’s strictly female market“. Most of the reservations were made by women! That is because the promotion focuses on romance and we all know that women love romance.

Founder and owner of Flamingo Air also comment that some of its clients book a flight with them thanks to its marriage counsellors even some member of religious organizations that recommend couples in difficulty, indulge and travel with this peculiar airline.

Want to share a nice experience with your significant other? Seems like you have a nice reason to visit Ohio! And maybe other good reason to go to Vegas… Thus, if you want to surprise your partner… come to the USA!