Three days in New York

Three days in New York may sound crazy, but it is possible! If you focus on the most iconic landmarks of the beautiful city that doesn’t sleep! New York is one of the most demanded destinations on the whole planet! No wonder why, this city has it all! If you have never been to New York, what are you waiting for? On this post, you can read the main things to do in three days in New York.

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It is important to know a little of the history of the place you are going to visit… New York was discovered in 1524 by Giovanni da Verrazano, an Italian explorer, but it was in 1664 when the British Empire conquered the city that the name of New York was given, in honor to the Duke of York and Albany. The city became really famous in the XX century with the economic explosion and the construction of skyscrapers.

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After a little of History of New York let’s start this journey of three days in New York!

Day one of three days in New York…Encounter with the city.

After your arrival at the International Airport JFK, you have to decide how to get to Manhattan; a cab might be the best option, but if you have a small budget and also want to be confused with locals, then you have to go to “Jamaica station.” Take the train to Manhattan and get off at the “Penn Station.”

Penn station

Hooray! You are in Manhattan!
• This three days journey begins on the 7th Avenue! The first sight to see is the “Madison Square Garden” the most famous multipurpose arena! It was open in 1968 and since then has been the most active sporting facility in New York City.

Madison Square Garden

• Right, after a visit to this impressive place let’s move on to the West 33rd Street, passing the 6th Avenue you will find, probably, the most famous building in the world! “The Empire State Building,” if is your first time in New York, you have to go to the top of it, to admire the stunning “Big Apple.”

Empire State Building

• Now is time to visit the 5th Avenue! And begin the shopping at one of the most luxury avenues in the world, the 5th Avenue is the “Champs-Elysees” of America.

5th avenue

• After this, at night is the perfect time to visit Broadway and the 7th Avenue… where you will find Time Square! Those blinding lights will leave you speechless!

Time Square

A good recommendation is to book a ticket to one of the productions on Broadway; you cannot leave this fantastic city without enjoying a play on Broadway.


Save energy for the next two days, go to the hotel and recharge your batteries for the next day.

Day 2 in New York City… Pretend to be a local

You won’t fool anyone! Locals are not all the time admiring this fantastic city! But at least you can claim to be one… now is time to visit the top attraction of New York, “the statue of liberty.” The fastest way to get there is in a cab or the subway, remember there are many Metro lines so be careful and choose the right one.

Statue of Liberty

It is really worth to take the ferry and visit the two islands. The first island, “liberty island,” is the one where the statue is located, don’t forget to walk around the island and enjoy the fantastic views of New York; the second island is Ellis Island. In Ellis Island, you have the possibility to check if any member of your family immigrated to New York.

Elli's Island

Once you have visited the statue, enjoy a pleasant stroll around the Battery Park. Go to the north on Broadway, and you will find the “Charging Bull, ” and if you walk a little further, you will get to the famous “Wall Street.” Follow Wall Street to the end and turn to FDR Drive, and you will arrive at the “Brooklyn Bridge.”

Bull of Wall street

“Brooklyn Bridge” is a piece of art of modern architecture and has been the scenery of countless films such as the romantic comedy of Meg Ryan, Kate, and Leopold.

Brooklyn Bridge

To the end of the second of three days in New York, definitely, you have to visit “the World Trade Center” and give your respects to the people who died on September 11th of 2001. In there you will find a memorial for the victims, the Ground Zero, and the new towers.

ground zero

Now go back to your hotel and be prepared for the last of your three days in New York.

Day three in New York… Say Goodbye to New York

For the third day, the suggestions are to take it slowly and visit Central Park! A nice stroll around the park and this area is the perfect way to finish this fantastic trip of three days in New York. You can admire the impressive Hotel Plaza and also visit the Rockefeller Center. Afterward, enjoy your last stroll on Lexington Avenue, to have the chance to visit the ONU.

Central Park and Plaza hotel
And now the most difficult part of this journey began… say goodbye to New York City.

Three days in New York may sound crazy! But it is possible to see the most important sights of the city that never sleeps! Like Frank Sinatra says… if you can make it there, you will make it anywhere! We can say many negative things about New York, is loud, is not a clean city and sometimes smells, but without any doubt, this town will steal your heart…