Tips for Visiting Brussels in Summer: What to See and Do

As the capital of Belgium and a very important administrative center of the European Union, Brussels is a place internationally known for its rich culture.

From architectural gems to art deco, unique gastronomic experiences including its famous chocolates and beers, trendy bars, multiple museums, historic walks, beautiful metropolitan sceneries and so much more there´s always something to do during the comfy summer temperatures between 18°C and 24°C.

Here are some great travel tips you cannot miss:

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The Atomium

Tips for Visiting Brussels in Summer What to See and Do

Standing proudly in the Avenue de l’Atomium since 1958, The Atomium is a gigantic structure (102 meters) and a replica of an iron crystal enlarged 165 billion times that is also surrounded by art and science exhibitions, and a very popular restaurant.

Brussels Summer Festival

Since 2002, this major cultural event takes place in the Palace Square place and offers 10 days and 10 nights that guarantee a great variety of music such as electro, hip-hop, rock, world music, jazz, reggae, folk, classical and many more; it also includes easy access, international promotions, exceptional venues and interesting activities.

From Friday, August 5 2016 to Sunday, August 14 2016, this festival is the It place for everyone in Brussels.

2016 Brussels Baths

From Friday, July 1 2016 to Sunday, August 7 2016, the Brussels Baths offer a whole month for you to enjoy barbecues, games for all the family, cultural events, sports, movies, DJs and many other activities because the banks of the canal are transformed into the best place to lay down, relax and enjoy the summer.

Bon Bon Restaurant

This is a restaurant where Chef Chistophe Hardiquest will surely know how to give you a different culinary experience every time you decide to enjoy his food.

In Bon Bon you’ll not only find a particular menu which changes every day according to what’s fresh in the market, but also delicious dishes like Guilvinec prawns with crisp orange and basil sauce, vinaigrette with pistachio oil or crystalline Granny Smith green apple with ginger and more; this is why it’s not a surprise that this restaurant earned a star in Michelin’s 2011 Belgium Guide. You’ll be able to enjoy your food in an art nouveau dining room where you can see Hardiquest and his team working.

Grand Place

Brussels Grand Palace

Along with the Atomium, this is a major representation of Brussels’ history. This 15th century square is full of buildings with historic significance including the Hotel de Ville where people can still book rooms and stay.

Since 1998 the Grand-Place has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and over the years, different guilds and institutions began to build their edifices around the Place including the Bread market, the Fabric market, and the Meat market.

As you can see, Brussels is a great place for everyone during the summer. Whether you’re travelling alone or you make this a family trip, this city will offer you all the fun that you deserve, and more!