Top Halloween costumes 2014

top halloween costumes

Halloween 2014 is coming. And as the tradition, the most important is being amazing or terrific to scare your friends and family, dressed for the party. So, do not hesitate to get your costume this year!

The name of Halloween comes from the ‘All Hallows’Eve’ contraction. The party, also called ‘Witches Night’, is traditionally celebrated on the night of October 31 in countries like USA, Canada, UK and Ireland. Even in much of South America such as Chile, Colombia and Mexico. For several years, it is increasingly its presence into the traditions of Spain, combined with other holidays like Chestnut on the eve of All Souls’ Day.

The Halloween Costumes

One of the most characteristic usages of Halloween is dressing up as characters or elements that cause fear, making bonfires, visiting haunted houses or watching scary movies.

Dressing up for this party is essential; therefore, we brought you a selection of the best costumes for this 2014 so you can cause panic among your friends and family, and you could be remembered until next year.

Most of the best Halloween costumes for this 2014 have been inspired by the latest releases films, so do not miss this list to be trendy when it comes to scary.

costume halloween


The film starring Angelina Jolie was based primarily on the history of this evil character, and not in Sleeping Beauty. The dress of Maleficient is one of the major inspirations for Halloween this year.

We have no doubt about the complex of the dress but you can reach great results. You have to copy the characterization of Jolie, paint your face white, hair up and wear a headband on top to cover it. You can also get coloured contact lenses, for example, red, to give your face with a more terrifying air.

The only things you need is a layer of black colour, with hints of lilac in the flaps, and a shirt and pants of the same colours to be set. It will simply add the trident of the same colour to give a touch of power and evil.

The Hunger Games


Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence’s character, is now a trend. Although the film the Hunger Games so much away from the topic of terror or suspense, it is one of the most sought for this coming 2014 Halloween costumes.

Get a suit or tracksuit black colour, with navy sneakers. Moreover, you can include a reproduction of a bow with arrows and you can make a braid in the style of the 14th district.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Thanks to the return of the Ninja Turtles in its 30th year with Megan Fox, the most famous television turtles will be a theme for this Halloween.

Be conscious of the difficulty of this costume, because you will have to paint the most of your face with green colour. Dress in a shell, DIY or buy it in a costume shop, to play the body of the turtle. Now just add a ribbon in your face to make it clear that you are a ninja condition.

Zombies and vampires

If none of the above has convinced you, you can always turn to dresses that have a lot of scary and that never fail: vampires or zombies.

In both cases, you’ll need a lot of patience to characterise your face, so you’ll give the touch to costumes to scare each Halloween.

And you, how you’re going to wear on 31 October for Halloween? Leave your tips and tell us your ideas!