Travel Safe: Do you really need Travel Insurance?

Are you one of those travelers who want to enjoy the ultimate experience in the country you are visiting? On that case, you definitely need insurance, not only to protect you from unexpected situation but also if you are going to take high risks while exploring.

The best travel insurance maybe doesn’t exist, but some good and valuable picks offer good advantages and real protection. Before your next reservation, we invite you to relax and think: Do you really need Travel Insurance for your holidays?

If yes, on this post we have a look through several insurance companies, and we have found some that offer good coverage with good value. The businesses that were chosen as the best travel insurance are:

  • Best Value: Axa Assistance USA. This Plan by AXA offers comprehensive coverage for only 71$ the whole trip.
  • Cheap Insurance Plan: IMT Services. This plan offers few coverage, but the price is attractive for young travelers, only 7$.
  • Best Insurance Plan: Axa Gold. Axa again, is the unique that cover everything during your trip, however, the plan is very expensive, 181$ per traveler. In case you are planning an extreme excursion or visiting a dangerous area. This program also includes evacuation in case of natural disaster or in the event of an attack.

Are you sure you need Travel Insurance?


After checking this insurance plans and all these information, you can stop for a while and think for a moment if you really need Travel Insurance. For example, if you have paid your flights with your credit card, you might already have the benefits of a travel insurance that cover some unexpected events.

Travel insurance works for some travelers not for everyone, let’s put it this way: When you have to pay crazy amounts of money for flights, hotels, activities and also renting a car for a Christmas trip, you need insurance. Why? Because it is something pre-scheduled and you cannot predict the future. If something happened and prevented you from going, you will lose all that money, and you will regret haven’t paid the 100$ insurance.

On the other hand, if you are planning to buy a cheap flight to a nearby area to visit a friend for a couple of days, on this case you doesn’t need insurance.

Are you planning to visit an exotic country?

Exotic Location

If you have always dreamed of visiting Thailand, Bali, India or any of those mysterious and exotic countries, you will need Travel Insurance. Firstly, international trips are not cheap, and if you are going to visit a foreign country, you will need some medical benefits in case you become sick or if you have an emergency.

Check out if your credit card offers you some kind of protection.

Credit Card

Before going crazy about a Travel Insurance, your best bet is to make sure if you are already cover. If your credit card offers you some benefits if you pay with it, then… What are you waiting for? Save money and book your accommodation and flights with your card. Some credit cards provided good coverage in case of cancellation, delays and lost or stolen belongings.

Don’t want to take unnecessary risks

travel insurance

If you are one of those travelers, who worry a lot about “What ifs…” spending few quid on travel insurance might be a good option for you. But before hire a Travel Insurance we suggest you take a look to the following advice:

  • Don’t buy something if it’s not necessary. As we have said several times on this post, check out firstly if your credit card offers you some coverage. Consider your trip and analyze if you really need extra coverage. Are you planning to visit a nearby city? Are you going to spend your holidays in Shanghai? Or you have a tailored trip to the Caribbean Islands? On these 3 scenarios, you will need insurance just in 2 of them.


  • Respect your budget: The insurance plans vary based on where you going, the purposes of your trip, your age, etc… Check out all the details and don’t let the price decide for you, this is a very important decision. Firstly, take an in-depth look at the conditions and check well if you need that coverage.


  • Buy your insurance plan the same time you buy your trip. If you have decided to get a Travel Insurance, your best option is to buy it as soon as possible, the more you wait, the more chance of something happen and affects your plans… if you don’t have the insurance, you cannot take advantage of it.

Are you one of those who needs travel insurance for a peace of mind? Tell us what you think about our advice and this post.