The ultimate guide about luxury trains that you should follow this season

Luxury trains are becoming extremely popular nowadays. They provide an ambiance which is looked forward by many travel loving people. They provide a great opportunity to explore the country in a way which is much sought after. These luxury trains are not just windows through which we see some of the best tourist spots in India, but they also introduce us to a world of royalty which was experienced by Raja, Maharajas of India.

Luxury trains were introduced in India in 1982, and since then it is constantly helping tourist from within the country as well as abroad to taste the rich cultural heritage of India in a unique way. Moreover, once we are set into traveling in one of such trains, we need not bother about other traveling demands such as – meals, tours and entrance fees to monuments and cultural sites. We just have to sit back and enjoy the classy experience which provides the maximum utilization of the money which we pay for traveling in them.

Luxury trains provide mesmerizing experience and every possible comfort right from customized cutlery to casting a spell of glamour and romance while seeing some of India’s best attractions.

Five reasons we should go for luxury trips in India:

  1. They provide great insight into the rich cultural heritage of India, a country which abounds in majestic forts and villas.
  2. They endeavor into providing us with a soothing and relaxing trip compared to other trips which are not only crowded but also tiring at times.
  3. They give us complete relaxation for the days we are into them as we do not have to look into matters relating to sightseeing, guides, porters and transport during the entire length of the journey.
  4. They provide an excellent way to socialize with others as the crowd is much less.
  5. They provide a gap through which we see the ‘Real India’ with all its landscape and natural beauty intact.
  6. We can sleep cozily at night with a servant 24×7 at our service and wait to explore new destinations every day.

Some of the best luxury trains in India:  


  1. Palace on Wheels– It is the oldest and the most popular luxury train in India. It made its first journey as early as 1982. It takes us a step back into history, traveling through some of the most interesting cities of Rajasthan.
  2. Deccan Odyssey– It takes us through some of the best sights of Maharashtra and even travels up to Goa. Journey in the Deccan Odyssey is a very majestic combination of historical forts, rejuvenating coasts, and gaudy architecture.
  3. Deccan Odyssey – The Indian Maharaja– It is a new and luxurious version of Deccan Odyssey. It made its maiden journey in November 2009. It encompasses the cities of Mumbai and Delhi traveling through Rajasthan.
  4. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels– It is India’s most luxurious tourist train. It made its first journey in January 2009. It takes us through some slightly different sights of Rajasthan and travels up to Varanasi. This luxury train is highly distinguished from other luxury trains because of its composed exuberance.
  5. Golden Chariot– It was opened in early 2008. At that time it traveled through some of the cities of Karnataka, but now its route has been expanded to Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  6. Maharajas’ Express– It is the newest and most costly luxury train in India at present. It is quite popular than other luxury trains as it makes a journey across India with special emphasis on Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. It started in 2010 and was re-launched in 2010. It was named World’s Leading Luxury Train at the World Travel Awards in 2012 and 2013.