Romantic getaway for Valentine’s in USA

 “I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.”

Love is the only way!  For the rest of the world you are just someone else but for your significant other you are the whole world! Valentine’s Day is to celebrate the most amazing feeling: Love!

The most romantic thing you can do for your significant other is to give him a romantic getaway to one of the most romantic destinations in America. The United States of America due to its size offers many possibilities to enjoy this Valentine’s Day, from thrilling cities to lovely villages.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a romantic getaway for Valentine’s in USA; we will guide you through 5 beautiful destinations perfect for a lovely getaway with your sweetie pie.

Romantic getaways for valentine’s in USA

Napa Valley

Valentine’s in USA - Napa Valley



What can be more romantic than enjoy a good wine surrounded by a marvelous and scenic landscape and with the best company… your significant other?

Napa Valley is a beautiful region of 48 kms with more than 300 of the finest producers of wine.  The valley is one of the most popular attractions of California only after Disneyland.

Napa offers many plans for those looking for romance like the “Napa valley wine train” enjoy a lovely valentine’s day on board of a vintage train.

The ride costs around 150$ per person and includes a delicious gourmet meal, sparkling wine from the region and a lovely journey on board of the wine train.

Washington DC

Valentine’s in USA - Washington D.C

The capital of the USA is a fantastic place to visit all year, but due to its beautiful sights and locations, Washington DC is perfect to enjoy a romantic getaway for Valentine’s in USA.

Romantic walks along the Potomac River at the beautiful residential area of Georgetown, discovering historical landmarks walking hand in hand with your significant other.

Washington DC is full of beautiful restaurants but one of the most romantic one is the 1789. The 1789 is located in the heart of the beautiful area of Georgetown and offer to its clients a spectacular and delicious culinary option.

Decorated with the finest furniture and American antiques “The 1789” sets the perfect mood for a memorable celebration of Valentine’s in USA.

After a delicious meal, why not finish Valentine’s Day with a romantic stroll by the National Mall? Declare your love under the moonlight in front of the iconic landmark of Washington.

San Francisco

Valentine’s in USA - San Francisco

Make your Valentine’s extra special and visit one of the most iconic cities of the USA: San Francisco! San Francisco is full of fantastic attractions, vibrant nightlife and delightful culinary options.

Beautiful and fantastic SFO have many secret and intimate places for romantic dinners for two. Enjoy the fantastic culinary options of the city and visit one of the hip restaurants of San Francisco: “Beso” (kiss) is a Spanish bistro perfect to share paella and enjoy original tapas with your sweetie.

Would you like to dance with the stars? In that case come to the Hilton and dance in the sky! On the 46th floor of the Hilton hotel is celebrated a fantastic dance party with breathtaking views of the famous landmarks of San Francisco, music and fun, a very original plan for a night out with your beloved.

Without any doubt San Francisco is a fantastic city to enjoy a romantic getaway for Valentine’s in USA

New York

Valentine’s in USA - New York

The most wonderful city in the world for any plan… is a city for all seasons! New York is funny during St. Patrick’s Day, is stunning for Independence Day, is lovely for Christmas time and is romantic for Valentine’s Day

New York is a city to enjoy with your couple, NY offers thousand of original and romantic activities such as romantic rides on board of a carriage in Central Park, a lovely stroll on the 5th avenue or ice skating in Rockefeller center…The big apple will always surprises you.

After enjoying the fantastic activities that New York has to offer, you must book a table at one of the most romantic restaurant of the city: The restaurant of Marc Forgione.

The atmosphere is fantastic, offers an intimate place with a lovely decoration, the food and drinks are fantastic, perfect for a romantic date.


Valentine’s in USA -Boston

Why not celebrate cupid’s favorite day in Boston?  Boston is perfect for a romantic getaway and to declare your love. Surprise your beloved with a romantic Valentine’s dinner on board of a cruise…

What can be more romantic than share a lovely dinner sailing the Charles River with your significant other?

Boston is one of the oldest, most beautiful and most romantic city of America. The city is famous for its brick houses of the 19th century, narrow cobbled streets that provide the perfect atmosphere to enjoy romantic strolls hand in hand with your sweetie. Celebrate Valentines in one of the most beloved cities of America.

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