Top places to visit in Costa Rica

Top places to visit in Costa Rica

Let’s talk about the top places to visit in Costa Rica! This country located in Central America, with just 51,100 sq Km (of area), is one of the most visited countries in Latin America. This country became very popular because of its touristic offer, the ecotourism.

Costa Rica is a pioneer in Ecoturism area and it’s one of the few countries recognized with real options of ecotourism, it is not just because the extensive protected areas around Costa Rica, also has the largest system of national parks in the world (as a percentage of the country area).

Is home of a rich variety of flora and fauna, with more than the 5% of world biodiversity.

sunset costa rica

You don’t have to worry about the accommodation in this country, Costa Rica has a wide hotel offers, and you can find good deals, don’t worry if you have a low budget, we assure you that in Costa Rica you can find the perfect accommodation that suits better to your needs and you budget. So come now and discover the top places to visit in Costa Rica!

What to visit in Costa Rica

After introducing this lovely and paradisiacal country, now is time to let you know, in our opinion, the top places to visit in Costa Rica! The first stop for sure, San Jose, the capital of this nation, also the largest city of Costa Rica.

This city we can say that is European style, in part because of the Spanish immigration, you can see the traces of European culture in the architectural landmarks of the city centre. Something remarkable is that this city is one of the safest cities in Latin America.teatro costa rica

Our first stop must be the National Museum of Costa Rica, where you can learn the history of this stunning country, their origins and how they became who they are now. You can see colonial and Pre-Colombian items; it’s a very interesting stop and a must-visit place. After enjoy a nice day at the museum, you can relax at the central plaza, have a cup of coffee at the terraces, and enjoy the fantastic views to the theatre.museo costa rica

Once we have seen the capital, and we have learned more about the culture of the country we can start our eco journey! This country have 112 volcanoes, 5 of them are active! And it is possible to visit them! In case you don’t have enough time, we recommend you to visit the most impressive ones.

Volcanoes in Costa Rica

The first one you can visit: The Poas Volcano, at the National Park of Poas, in Alajuela. This volcano is located just few kilometers away from San Jose. This volcano is very active and also is the major volcano in Costa Rica. You can have nice walks at the park and enjoy the incredible landscape.

volcan poas costa rica

Irazú Volcano, located in the city of Cartago, is the most visited volcano of Costa Rica, because of the impressive landscape and the beauty of its flora; in those cloudless days, if you climb at the top of the volcano you can enjoy stunning views of both oceans!

Irazu Volcano

And the last volcano we recommend you to visit is the fascinating, Arenal volcano, located at the Fortuna zone; this volcano has a perfect conic form and during the year this volcano experiment large series of eruptions with large amount of lava. We recommend you to book a hotel with views to this volcano, because at night you can enjoy a fascinating spectacle.

arenal volcano

Fortuna village is also worldwide famous because of the Natural Hot Springs; we recommend you to have a day for relax and visit the thermal water pools, after that experience you will feel brand new! Explore around this lovely village and visit the Fortuna Waterfall, we challenge you to swim into that crystal clear and cold water.


Beaches in Costa Rica

Once we finish this fantastic trip to volcanoes, we can start to enjoy the beaches! Costa Rica has some of the most incredible beaches, most of them are blue flag beaches, we recommend you to visit one of the most stunning one at the National Park Manuel Antonio, in the Pacific Ocean. To access to this beach you have to visit the national park.

Without any doubt is a must-visit place in Costa Rica, where you can be in direct contact with the local fauna, and meet the star of this park the “Titi Monkey”. The beach is a paradise! With white sand and crystal clear water.

manuel antonio

Another fantastic place to visit are the 211 kms of beach in Limon, where you can be in contact with the Afro-Caribbean culture of the country. In Limon by the Caribbean coast, you can find the “Tortuguero Park”, considered the richest area of Costa Rica, is the habitat of more than 2,000 species of flora. Is the most protected zone in Costa Rica, because is where “The green sea turtles” (Chelonia mydas) have their spawning grounds; this turtle is classified as an endangered species.

We have told you what we considered the top places to visit in Costa Rica; obviously you can discover more destinations at this marvelous country!