Visit Jamaica, the nudist island of Caribbean

Jamaica – Top destination for nudist beaches in the world

JamaicaEverybody knows Jamaica as the home of Bob Marley, but the island offers much more than Reggae music and Rastafarians. Jamaica is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean and if you visit Jamaica you will enjoy amazing white-sand beaches, waterfalls, mountains and a surprising wildlife. Although Jamaica is not considered the safest country in the world, the Jamaicans are friendly and fun-loving so they will be ready to help you if you are lost or need some kind of information.

Jamaica is the birthplace of the famous Caribbean all-inclusive hotels, so if you are looking for hotels in Jamaica, much of them will include the all-inclusive rate, just to make your stay as comfortable and easy as possible. The concept started in Ocho Rios and now it could be found throughout the island. The package includes accommodation, meals, snacks, all kind of drinks, sports activities, nightly entertainment and airport transfer.

If we have to talk about the main tourist area of Jamaica, immediately we all refer to Montego Bay. Some residents and visitors often call the place as Mo’ Bay and is considered the capital of Jamaican tourism and one of the most visited areas of Caribbean. The water along the coast is clear and blue and there are amazing views into the long reef. Even it is believed that the water of the beaches of Mo’ Bay has some curative effect for some diseases. In Montego Bay, there are the most amazing beaches on the island, like Doctor’s Cave Beach with beautiful white sand and clear water. The entire area surrounding the beach is plenty of features that are the delight of visitors. Emphasize, above all, the huge golf facilities. Walter Fletcher Beach is another famous beach located close to the centre and just a few steps away from the hotel area. Cornwall Beach is a popular and exciting beach offering a lot of facilities like snorkel, lounge chairs, bar, restaurants, volleyball and much more activities.

Montego BayIf you visit Jamaica you cannot miss Negril, located 80km west of Montego Bay, this beach area offers a lot of water activities like sailing, water-skiing, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, parasailing and windsurfing. Negril enjoyed a boom as a holiday destination a few years ago and now it is considered a paradise for sports lovers. Negril is also a popular hippie destination, and today is one of the biggest attractions for young people because it is permitted to sell and smoke marijuana in some places. Boody Bay Beach is one of the main beaches of Jamaica, and it is the perfect place to listen to Jamaican reggae. Actually, many hotels play live reggae music on the sand every night. There is also a vibrant nightlife in Negril.

negriljamaica negrilIf it’s the first time you visit Jamaica you will not probably know, but the most attractive and exotic beaches of the island are private and nudist. In some cases, there is no option to keep your clothes, because the authorities of the private beach which has attended require that all residents comply with the requirement of being naked. Two of the best nudist beaches in the world are in Jamaica and your visit will not be the same if you do not stay a couple of hours on them. Both are called Hedonism. Even many of the dining establishments and beverage located on the sand have their employees also naked. If you do not finish spending your holiday in a nudist beach, Jamaican hotels have their own private beaches divided into two parts. However, it is normal that after a couple of days you go to the nudist beach without any fear of being judged.