Visit New York: Christmas and New Year’s Eve

“It comes down to reality and it’s fine with me ’cause I’ve let it slide don’t care if it’s Chinatown or on Riverside I don’t have any reasons I’ve left them all behind I’m in a New York state of mind” Billy Joel

Either to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Eve: It’s always a great time to visit New York.

The Big Apple is a classic winter destination: On November 28th New York comes alive with the parade on Thanksgiving Day, and this is the starting pistol for what will come next. Tourists from around the world come to visit New York during this magical season, to live the vibrant atmosphere of New York.

Visit New York

Christmas in New York

new york christmas

Christmas in New York is a magical experience that everyone should live once in their lifetime… holiday lights blinking everywhere, glamorous store window display and of course the giant tree at the Rockefeller center.  Even if you don’t like Christmas you will feel touched and moved by all the magical environment of New York.

During Christmas Holidays the city offers different services, special tours like “The Holidays Lights Tour”, which is perfect to look how the entire city just sparkles!

A very useful information if you are planning to visit New York for Christmas is that most attractions of the City are open the whole year (limited hours), Christmas day is the perfect day to visit the Empire State, Top of the Rock or the Wax Museum, remember that most people will be celebrating holidays, you can take advantage of it.

Christmas New York

If you will spend Christmas Eve in New York with your family, you can celebrate on board of the “Christmas Dinner Cruise” with a very special guest… Santa Claus!  This cruise is perfect if you are travelling with kids. If in other hand you are travelling with friends or in a couple, you can enjoy a lovely and romantic Christmas Eve at the “Bateaux Christmas eve dinner cruise”.

New Year in New York

New Years Eve NY

How about celebrating New Year in New York? New York is probably the most incredible place to celebrate the New Year!

Welcoming New Year in Time Square is a magical experience, is hard to express in words that feeling of being with many different people, from different countries and cultures, where no matter where you come from or what is your religion during those magical seconds after the countdown you are going to hug the stranger next to you and you are going to wish a “Happy new year”.

For more than hundred years, Times Square has been the center of world attention during New Year’s Eve. In 1904 the owners of One Times Square decided to hold a New Year’s party on the roof.

The first time the New Year was welcomed with the typical drop of the ball was in 1907, since then this tradition has become the universal symbol that welcomes the New Year.

New Yorks ball

If you want to spend New Year in Times Square, you need to know that you’ll have to go to the square many hours in advance before midnight.

In fact from the 15 hours people begin to fill the square, which is closed to traffic at that time. Between 18 and 18:05 hours the celebration begins with lighting and raising the New Year’s Eve ball to the top of One Times Square with special pyrotechnic effects.

After this there is a brief opening ceremony until 23:59 when the countdown begins, accompanied by the ball drop of “New Year’s Eve”. At midnight, the lights of the Ball turn off while the New Year’s number appears after an explosion of fireworks and the sparkling lights will dominate Time Square, also a lot of confetti is released from the roofs of the buildings around Times Square creating a fantastic and colorful shower!

New york celebration

The atmosphere of celebration is in the air! The New Year has begun.

Visit New York for holidays is always a fantastic and unforgettable experience, especially during Christmas and New Year. Remember that during Christmas and New Year’s Eve many people come to visit New York, if you need more information regarding hotels click here.

We guarantee that you won’t regret spending “The most wonderful time of the year” in New York. What are you waiting for to go and bite the juicy big apple?! Remember what the famous song says… if you can make it there you will make it anywhere is up to New York!