What to buy in Croatia? Finding the perfect Croatian souvenir

Let’s face it! When we travel we all want to get something nice from the places we have visited. If we have a pleasant getaway those artefacts, together with our photographs, become fantastic memories of our trips. When we think of beautiful destinations worthy to visit during a European trip, we can’t get Croatia out of our heads… Croatia has become a top destination thanks to its unbeatable beauty, affordable prices and a large array of leisure activities.

What to buy in Croatia

In addition to its incredible attractions, in Croatia, there are hundreds of objects and foods that we would love to pack up. What to buy in Croatia? Maybe is not an easy task, however, on this post, we will try to give you nice tips so you can get fantastic Croatian souvenir.

Handicraft: Jewels.

What to buy in Croatia

Firstly, there is anything more authentic than handmade artefacts. Handicrafts are perfect to appreciate local artworks, and no, not always are utterly expensive. Simply use common sense, think of your own city, as Londoner you won’t go to a souvenir shop for getting something authentic and nice. If you want local and affordable handicraft you must avoid touristy streets.

While it is true that we can buy local crafts at the markets, there are two reference places to discover unexpected wonders that will leave a pleasant memory of your visit to Dubrovnik. The first, Atelier Secret in Kunićeva 2, you will find items of all sizes and prices, from bracelets and earrings to sophisticated necklaces and headbands, all handmade with red coral from the Adriatic Sea. The second, Artur Gallery, in Široka, here you will find the most delicate and tasteful souvenirs of Dubrovnik, jewellery made by local designers, as well as watercolours and canvases of great quality.

Food and drinks

What to buy in Croatia

What to buy in Croatia? How about delicious food? Croatia is the paradise for foodies thanks to its large array of culinary wonders. For example, you can get the infamous “Rapska torta” (Rab’s cake), a delicious treat made from almonds and maraschino liqueur. This is one of the most demanded Croatian souvenirs thanks to its shelf life.

We all love spicy food, right? So, when you are not quite sure what to buy in Croatia we suggest you get a bunch of ajvar. Ajvar is a typical pepper, very appreciated by locals and tourists and that can be found in all markets. Another delicious option is to get the delicious Pag cheese, a delicious lacteous from Pag Island. If you like strong flavours, this cheese is perfect for you.

As for drinks, a bottle of the well-known Maraschino liqueur can be a good gift for someone you love. Also, Rakija is another delicious option this beverage is a brandy, well appreciated throughout the country. Last but not least, we all know that Italia and Spain produce a superb olive oil, but hey! Why don’t you give a try to Croatian olive oil? This oil is very famous for both, its flavour and for its medicinal value.

Wooden toys

If there is a region of Croatia with a great toy tradition, it is Hrvatsko Zagorje, located in the north of the country, where typical handmade toys are made, which will surely have been the star gift of Croatian children during Christmas. This special technique has been transmitting from generation to generation. Certainly, a good gift if you have a little rascal waiting for you back home.

Croatian lace, caps and ties

The island of Pag is well known for lace, which is excellent and also called “white gold”. Don’t miss the chance for getting handmade lace garments in stores. You can also have the chance for getting bed linen and silk embroidery. Certainly, Croatian lace is an excellent gift for everyone who loves special and beautiful crafts.

As for clothes, it is going to be difficult to put on a typical “Lika cap”, but it is a typical custom of the region, so it would not be bad if you buy one even if you only use it as an object of decoration. And did you know that Croatia is the country of neckties? If you are a fan of neckties and still don’t know what to buy in Croatia? How about getting an original tie? In Croatia you will find them everywhere, they come in all sizes and colours. The hard task is choosing a cool one!

So, already know what to buy in Croatia? As you can see the list is varied and there are some cool things to avoid getting the same lousy t-shirt or a key-ring. If you have ever been to Croatia and you know something else we can add to our list, please tell us in the comments!