✅What to buy in New York: The best shopping in the Big Apple

What to buy in New York?… From world famous brands to hipster flea markets, the juicy big apple is truly the best place for a fantastic shopping session. Maybe, New York is one of the only places in the world that truly has something for everyone with worldwide know brands and famous labels everywhere, small boutiques hidden neighbourhoods, and big shopping malls dotted outside the city, all of them have their very own spot in the concrete jungle.

What to buy in New York? We hope this guide will help you shop the best of New York City, certainly a shopping trip you will never forget. Whether you want unique articles like handmade cufflinks, delicious and artisan chocolates or unique records, in the big apple you will find it all!

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What to buy in New York

Tips and useful information


Firstly, we must know that opening times in the city that never sleeps are very flexible. There are some shops for true shopaholic as they are open 24 hours a day! Most, however, are open from 10 am to 9 pm through Monday to Saturday. Sundays have a special schedule and open from 11 am to 7 pm. As you can see you will have plenty of time to enjoy a nice shopping session without worrying about the time.

New York is not a strange city for anyone, is a city we all know thanks, mostly, to movies and TV series that for years have shown us the beautiful face of the city. We can’t think of anyone who has never heard anything about the 5th avenue and its glamorous stores such as Prada, Armani and Calvin Klein. No worries, if you come from the UK there are also familiar faces like footlocker, h&m, Zara and Nike, these brands are not only familiar but less expensive than the others. Whether you are a big spender or travelling on a budget you can be sure of one thing, you won’t go home empty-handed.

No matter how badly you want to spend loads of quids on the 5th avenue, you can allow some extra time to visit one of the numerous outlet’s malls scattered around New York City. Most of them offer incredible deals and you can find sales of up to 70% off. Please note that most articles at the outlets are manufactured for outlet sales while others are from last season, nevertheless the prices are unbeatable.

What to buy in New York: Taxes and other regulations

Before jumping into any article, remember that in the USA all prices indicated on goods do not include taxes. If you see lovely Michael Kors boots for 100$, a beautiful dress for 50$ and a purse for 30$ you need to add the 8,8% sales tax to the total amount of all purchases. You may want to explore the neighbouring state of New Jersey, as it’s an area free of taxes. Please note that a UK custom regulation only allows you bring goods worth up to £390 in tax-free. Once you have read carefully all these useful information, we can start thinking of what to buy in New York!

What to buy in New York: Fashion and jewels.


Department stores such as Macy’s and Bloomingdales must be on any list of what to buy in New York. Macy’s is a must visit the place, not only because of its incredible articles and its huge size, the store spans over 7 floors! But also because is the oldest department store in town. Either you love it or hate it the sitcom Friends has influenced on everyone and show us the wonders of the popular “little brown bag” shopping store. In Bloomingdale’s, you will find everything you are looking for of all sizes and prices.

Tiffany & Co. is to jewels what butter is to bread, in few words, the perfect partner. Like most things of New York, the retail space on the 5th avenue is a landmark of the big apple. If you want to save money, please don’t visit the store, Tiffany & Co. features beautiful and unique articles that it’s going to be really hard to convince yourself you don’t need any of it… trust us.

For bargains hunters, we suggest Century 21 very close to ground zero. Century 21 is a huge department store where you can find many products at unbelievably low prices. Find leather jackets, purses, suits, of Ralph Laure, Lacoste, Gucci, Michael Kors, Levi’s and much more. At this store, you will find real bargains so don’t miss it.

Second-hand opportunities: Bags and designer clothes.

What to buy in New York

Have you ever heard the proverb One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? We are aware that there isn’t anything quite like the feeling of having something brand new on your hands. However, don’t forget that second-hand items have an interesting story to tell, and also you can get real jewels for less than the retail price. If still don’t know what to buy in New York, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll across the beautiful upcoming neighbourhoods and buy one or two lovely artefacts. Depending on location, the articles can be funky or mainstream, don’t give up, you will find something of your own style.

A second chance” is a lovely store that deserves a visit. It’s a small store with incredible treasure for those who love luxury but can’t afford it. At the store, you can find lovely articles like Prada, Louis Vuitton or even the infamous Birkin bag of Hermès. All you need is to have patience and carefully take a look at all its shelves.

Another fantastic thrift shop that you cannot miss is the Vintage Twin. If you are looking for unique pieces of trendy clothes, this is the perfect spot. Dresses, boots, skirts, jackets, everything you need you can find it. Also, the store is the fave for supermodels like Gigi Hadid, so even if you don’t find anything, you can still meeting interesting people.

What to buy in New York is simple… anything you can imagine! Tell us your thoughts and ideas about this post on the comments.