What to buy in Paris: The best souvernirs from the city of light

Visiting the Eiffel Tower, navigating along the Seine River, admiring the artworks of the Louvre Museum… there are a large array of attractions to fall in love with Paris! For this reason, it’s a must to bring some Paris Souvenirs to remember the trip, but it’s difficult to capture all the sensations transmitted by a city in just a figurine or in a postcard. Fortunately, Paris is a great destination for shopping, there are numerous opportunities spread throughout the city, so the tough question is…What to buy in Paris?

Paris is the capital of fashion, so finding glamorous boutiques won’t be difficult. In fact, designer clothing, jewellery and home decoration items are commonplace in the city, however, there are also zones and establishments where you can find affordable prices such as outlets and streets markets for those who are not willing to assume the Parisian standard of living. If you don’t know what to buy in Paris, take a look at the following information and find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Check it out!

What to buy in Paris

Best things to buy in Paris

Clothing and accessories

What to buy in Paris

As the capital of vogue, everyone who is someone in the world of fashion has a representation in the city of lights, so buying some clothes, accessories or jewellery are probably the best things to buy in Paris considering that you will have the most exclusive brands close at hand. These shops, enjoy a convenient location in the area formed by the Montaigne Avenue and the rue Faubourg Saint Honoré, close to the Champs Elysées, an exclusive and luxurious street in the centre of Paris.

The department stores such as The Galeries La Fayette, Le Bon Marché or Printemps are also good alternatives to find better prices in a lot of well-known brands of clothing and accessories. Also, electrical appliances and decor items, you will surely find what to buy in Paris there. However, if you really want to find the best offers it’s imperative to go to the La Vallée Village, a big Outlet centre near Paris to find the best bargains.


Paris is one of the cities with the greatest tradition in perfumes, so it is not surprising that a large number of visitors take the opportunity to visit the most exclusive perfumeries in Paris in search of the authentic Parisian essence. The most prestigious perfumeries are Guerlain, founded in 1928 and situated in the Meurice Hotel, and L’Artisan Parfumeur, created in 1946 and characterized by the high quality of its raw materials. The perfumeries of the Montmartre district are also the proper destination to find your perfect perfume and at a better price.

Gourmet food

Gourmet food is the best choice if you don’t know what to buy in Paris. Who can resist the French delicatessen such as the foie gras, Brie cheese, chocolates? The perfect stop to enjoy the greatest variety of Gourmet products is the Place de la Madeleine, where you can found lots of shops with the most exclusive aliments. One of them is Fauchon, the most famous Gourmet store in Paris. In Fauchon, you can find any kind of nourishment with very high quality, such as cakes, champagne, ham, etc. Certainly, it’s a safe bet if you opt for a selection of sweets and chocolates, besides being a perfect gift to bring from Paris.

In the same sweet line, there is also the Maison de la Truffle, the paradise for the chocolate truffle lovers, and Patrick Roger, an authentic chocolate sculptor. Another indispensable place to highlight about the Gourmet food, even though is not located in the Place de la Madeleine, is La Grande Epicérie. It is an area in the department store Le Bon Marché which is really worth to see. Products are placed with extreme care and most of them can’t be found in normal supermarkets so it’s almost impossible not to buy anything when you visit this store.

Paintings and other antiques

If you still not sure what to buy in Paris, how about getting some unique paintings or fascinating antiques? The city is full of artworks, original painting or fancy sculptures, all of them perfect article to buy in Paris. To find this kind of articles the best destination is the bohemian district of Montmartre where some artists exhibit their works in the streets and there are lots of art stores and galleries. The St-Ouen street market it’s also situated in there and it’s famous to be a huge market with a wide variety of antiques.

Paris Souvenirs

After giving you a guide about what to buy in Paris, we found necessary to list which are the best Paris Souvenirs to bring as a gift for your family and friends, because we know how difficult can be this task. We have distinguished between men and woman as a way to help and to segment the addressees of the presents but all gifts can be for both genders:

Gifts for men

A Béret

There’s nothing like a knitted woollen hat to bring the authentic Parisian spirit apart from being very becoming.

Books and postcards

There are lots of fancy postcards and second-handed books in the stands of The Bouquinistes of Paris in the border of the Seine River, an authentic symbol of the city so it can be very nice to give a little sample of it to someone.

Wine and champagne

Another good choice is a bottle of French wine or Champagne. Both drinks are very representative of France and they are always a safe bet to do an elegant gift. They are great Paris Souvenirs.

Gifts for woman

French Soap

It is not a typical Parisian product but it’s a clear example of what to buy in Paris. It is a very well-made product in other parts of France so it’s very common to see authentic soap bars from Provence and Marseille in the beauty shops of Paris.


In this city is really easy to find chocolate in many different ways, in bars, in figurines, in a box sold as bonbons, etc. So why not to bring some as a great Paris souvenirs?

A scarf

French scarves are really stylish; they give a Parisian chic appearance to the person who wears it. It is a perfect gift from the city of fashion.